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How to install window blinds

How to install window blinds

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Measuring and installing window blinds is easy. In this video, you’ll learn how to install window blinds including measurement, buying and installing.

Step1: make sure you measure height and width of the window and make sure you do it against the window as shown in the video.

Step2: Once you have your measurement written down, find what kind of blind you would like and purchase it. Faux wood can be a good type of blind for interior rooms and it’s very affordable. Check out the link below for some selections.

Step3: Install the blind by starting with corner brackets and then support brackets if needed. This depends on the size of the blind. So refer to the manual to see if you need the center support or not. Some blinds require multiple supports.

Step 4: Slide in the blind into the bracket to complete installation.

Video by Howfinity Home

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Where I bought my blinds https://goo.gl/7r8C6R